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All learners in grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 will use tablets for eLearning. These have effectively replaced paper textbooks resulting in a cost saving and a lighter load in the backpacks. This is the first step to ultimately moving the whole school to an eLearning platform over the next few years. The SGB believe that this is vitally important, and is the best way to properly equip our children in today’s increasingly digital world.


The eLearning system is provided by ITSI – a leading provider of digital learning systems in South Africa, and the system of choice for numerous schools across the country.

The system provides both teachers and students with a digital solution that enhances the teaching experience at every touchpoint, and allows for rich content, (including images, videos, URL’s, PDF docs, presentations, spreadsheets, notes, exercises, examples, and assessments), resulting in a far richer learning experience.

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Writing on Tablet

Tablets & Textbooks

Thousands of digital text books are available to choose from. The text books are cheaper than the printed versions, and the system provides parents with the ability to access, select and purchase with ease, and are delivered directly to the tablet library. There is no need to carry around multiple heavy books, and no risk of loss of expensive learning material. All text books are stored on the tablet.

The eLearning app (miEbooks) can be used on Android, iOS or Windows devices. (Cellphones are not recommended for this use – they are far too small). Students cannot share tablets since each one is personalised to that student. All tablets are backed up to the cloud via the school servers.

Managing Online Banking

Management Tools

Management tools enable teachers to observe how much time students are spending on topics, and help monitor activity, frequency, pages saved etc, and a real-time overview of class behaviour. This helps to identify problematic material and gaps in students understanding, and enables them to address issues early on as they arise.

Call Center Headset

Training & Support

Training and support are provided at the highest level, with a regular school on-site presence and telephonic support. Staff will be trained to offer support to students.

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