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About our Pre-Primary

At Port Alfred Pre-Primary we believe in teaching with love, purpose and authenticity. Our aim is to help each child develop holistically by providing opportunities and experiences that are natural and organic.

We focus on each child’s individual needs and work alongside your child thereby creating happy, confident children equipped to take their rightful place in society as well-balanced, responsible and independent adults.

The greatness of a school is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its teachers.

Port Alfred Pre-Primary caters for children from 3 months to 6 years and provides 5 different classes. Each class caters for a specific age group. Classes participate in many developmental activities which include Library, Music and Action songs, Dancing, Drumming, Tennis and Water Safety (swimming). Each class follows a learning program that incorporates various Themes.

Cherubs Class: 3-24 months

Play is a child’s way of learning and is essential for growth and development. The Cherubs class offers an environment enriched with sensory stimulation and play materials that provide the perfect life experiences to build that foundation of early brain development.

Tiggers Class: 2-3 years

The Tiggers class creates an atmosphere that stimulates each child’s intellectual and creative abilities through art, music, books, games and puzzles. Creative play encourages young children to express their feelings and ideas in a safe and non-threatening way.

Kittens Class: 3-4 years

In the Kittens class, the teacher leads and facilitates the children with their learning. Individual learning abilities are catered for and teaching materials are sourced from far and wide and included in the daily program. The children are taught responsibility for their own learning, mistakes are proof that they are trying and confidence is fostered.

Cubs Class: 4-5 years

The Cubs class includes activities that cover 13 developmental areas that stimulate both body and mind. Play unlocks children’s creativity and imagination, and develops reading, thinking, and problem-solving skills. This provides the foundation for learning. Play also develops gross motor and fine motor skills which forms the core of further development.

Lions (Grade R) Class: 5-6 years

All Pre-Primary children get ready for formal learning and life through play. “I hear, I forget; I see, I remember; I DO, I UNDERSTAND” The Lions have structured lessons with a formal curriculum (CAPS) that exposes children to the three foundational subjects from planned interactive activities and through play-based learning. Children are educated towards independence, maturity and self -regulation.

Activities on offer

A school with such a big heart yet limited numbers cannot offer a wide range of activities so we partner with various clubs and associations in our community to ensure that our children are able to take full advantage of living in a close knit seaside town:

School activities

  • Athletics

  • Drumming

  • Swimming

  • Dancing

  • Tennis

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