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About our Intermediate Phase

Grades 4 to 7 are key developmental years in any child’s life and every effort is made to make school as interesting and as enriching as possible. This is part of the overall commitment by one and all at Port Alfred School to constantly improve our school’s standing as a Centre of excellence for the benefit of our community’s children.

This phase is about using foundational concepts to build their knowledge and learn new concepts. A child with strong foundational skills is more likely to succeed in this phase, and to develop a sense of independent learning. Children in this phase are at a stage where they are learning to work independently and develop their skills, but they are still reliant on the teacher and parent to teach, instruct, and help them.

The Intermediate Phase staff are dedicated, experienced and ready to partner with you and your child for a period where physical, emotional and social development takes place.


Activities on offer

A school with such a big heart yet limited numbers cannot offer a wide range of activities so we partner with various clubs and associations in our community to ensure that our children are able to take full advantage of living in a close knit seaside town:

School activities

  • Athletics

  • Archery

  • Chess

  • Cricket

  • Early act

  • Hockey

  • Netball

  • Rugby

  • Squash

  • Swimming

  • Tennis

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