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Port Alfred High School Admissions & School Fees

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2023 School Fees


Port Alfred High School is a Quintile 5, fee-paying government school. This means that, as per Government Gazette, November 1996, Act No. 84, 4.1: “The governing body of a public school may, by process of law, enforce the payment of school fees by parents who are liable to pay.  There is an 8% lump sum payment discount available if the school fees for the year are paid in full by 31 December.

Payment of the annual school fees is compulsory

Without school fee income, Port Alfred High School cannot function as a Centre of educational excellence. Overdue accounts are handed over to a collection agency or to the lawyers for collection as the parents are in breach of their contract with the Governing Body entered into when signing the admission forms.

Payment is either by means of a monthly instalment beginning on or before 1 January and ending in October, or by means of the amount, in full, up-front upon admission. A discount is granted for up-front payments. Furthermore, The Port Alfred High School Governing Body requires all parents who intend enrolling their child/ren at the school for the following year, to pay the first installment R2000 no later than 31 October of the preceding year. This amount is then credited to your school account. Due to the large number of applicants received each year and limited classroom space, payment must be made on time to secure your child’s place in the classroom.

Application Process

The first step of the admission process is to complete an application form 

and return it, along with the supporting documentation to Ms. French.

2024 Application Form

For any admission related queries, please contact Jessica French at or on 046-624-2440

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